Les Mystères de l'Est


You said Escape Game ?

It's a real life team game (2 to 5 people for our escape game) in which your objective is to leave a room in which you are locked up. To escape, you must solve puzzles, search the room for clues, but before 60 minutes maximum. We could say that it is a subtle mix between Cluedo and Fort Boyard. This game promotes team cohesion and mind but without prerequisite knowledge because it will enrich your culture. The escape game is a locale with several games installed and playable simultaneously by different teams. This includes a story, a set, mechanisms, puzzles and to set you in the mood.

In concrete terms, what's happening when you come ?

You put your stuff in a locker. Then we explain the game, the story, to putting you in the atmosphere. You will then have 60 minutes maximum to leave the room. Once the game is over, you can relax with a free drink.

Need a parking disk? We lend it to you!

2 rooms in the same time, we can do that ?

Yes but tell me before booking : only in the morning, the first session in the afternoon or the last session in the evening, (in fact, it will be necessary to book two sessions in the morning, the first two of the afternoon or the last two of the evening and you will be playing at the same time).

Is it a sport game ?

Not at all ! It's not a strenuous game.

Are you really locked up ?

No, you can leave the room whenever you want, but you can't get back in afterwards.

Can it be dangerous ?

Not at all.

How many players minimum ? How many players maximum?

The rooms are designed to be played from 2 to 5 players.

Can we add players before the game ?

Yes but the total must not exceed 5 players.

Which public ?

The game is for everyone who likes to stay locked up for 1 hour in a room to search and solve puzzles. We advise above 11-12 years old accompanied by a responsible tutor but if you feel that your youngest child will have fun, we will not ban you. The rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility but the activities require help.

What time do I have to come ?

At the appointed time. If you are late, the timer will start without you.

How much costs a game ?

100 euros per game and a promotion rate at 90 euros (daytime on the week, out of holidays and public holidays).

Session Temple/Hopital Monday-Wensday-Thursday Friday SaturdaySunday
10 a.m/10.30 a.m 90€ 90€ 100€ 100€
01.30/2 p.m 90€ 90€ 100€ 100€
3.15/3.45 p.m 90€ 90€ 100€ 100€
5./5.30 p.m 90€ 100€ 100€ 100€
6.45/7.15 p.m 90€ 90€ 100€ 100€
8.30/9. p.m 90€ 90€ 100€ 100€
10.15/10.45 p.m 100€ 100€ 100€ 100€

the week daytime by person (2 players) by person (3 players) by person (4 players) by person (5 players)
90€ 42€ 28€ 22,5€ 18€
evening or week-end by person (2 players) par person (3 players) par person (4 players) par person (5 players)
100€ 48€ 32€ 25€ 20€

If I can't make it, can I get a refund ?

Two days before the game and it will be only a credit note.

Can I edit my booking ?

Two day before the scheduled date at the same price.

Will you resell my personal information to publicists ?

Never ! When pigs will fly !
Personal information are only used to create invoices and to make statistics, for example, our players are they rather tourists or Vosgiens etc. But! If you do not want to stay in our files, don't worry, call me at 06 06 88 91 91, write me at 31 rue d'Epinal 88190 GOLBEY or lesmysteresdelest@gmail.com, or send me a homing pigeon (to be honest, I vote for the pigeon, it would be awesome).